About ‘Mandarin Friend’

Mandarin Friend is a free online blog aimed at intermediate level students of Chinese. Written by an upper-intermediate Chinese learner, posts cover a range of topics relating to grammar and vocabulary.

The primary purpose of Mandarin Friend is to enable the author to review study notes from a range of sources, in order to organise them systematically in one place. However, this information may be of interest to other intermediate learners of Chinese and is therefore published online.

About the Author

I am a Chinese language enthusiast from the United Kingdom.

I firsthefei started learning Chinese in 2007, when I studied a one-month Mandarin course at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Since then I have mostly learned the language through self-study and with the help of private tutors.

I have been living and working in Hefei since 2012.

Please feel free to get in touch: mandarinfriend@outlook.com


Mandarin Friend is written by a non-native upper-intermediate level speaker of Chinese. While the Chinese language content of this website is routinely checked by native Chinese people, the author takes no responsibility for the grammatical accuracy of the content herein.

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