Chengyu Explanations: 价廉物美

价廉物美 refers to something that is ‘inexpensive but good quality’. The following post describes the meaning of this 成语 in detail.


Characters 价廉物美
Pin Yin jià lián wù měi
Pleco Definition 1. good quality and cheap
2. a bargain
HSK Level HSK 6


价廉物美 describes a product which is both inexpensive yet good quality. It literally means ‘price cheap goods beautiful’. Whilst it usually refers to physical products, it may also describe services (e.g. hotels, restaurants).

价廉物美 图片.jpgGrammatically, 价廉物美 is often used as an adjective (e.g. 价廉物美的商品). It is often used in conjunction with general nouns describing ‘goods’ or ‘products’ such as 产品,商品,物品 but can also refer to more specific things such as restaurant dishes (e.g. 菜) and drinks (e.g. 酒, 饮料).

It can also act as a predicate after the subject (e.g. 商品价廉物美).

价廉物美 may also be written as 物美价廉 with an identical meaning and usage.

Example Sentences

Chinese goods are cheap but good quality.

That hotel is a bargain. I stay there every time I go to London.

Chinese beer is inexpensive but good. For example, Qingdao beer, Harbin beer, and so on.

Let’s go out shopping tonight. It’s nearly the festival, we should be able to find lots of bargains!

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