Chengyu Explanations: 一路平安

一路平安 can be translated as ‘have a pleasant journey’ or ‘bon voyage’. The following post describes the meaning of this 成语 in detail.


Characters 一路平安
Pin Yin yī lù píng ān
Pleco Definition 1. have a pleasant journey; have a good trip
2. bon voyage
HSK Level


一路平安 has a meaning and usage comparable to the English expressions ‘Have a pleasant journey’ and ‘Godspeed’. It is generally used to express good wishes to someone who is departing from the speaker’s position, especially if this person is going on a longer-than-usual journey.

一路平安.jpgGrammatically, 一路平安 is most commonly used as a standalone phrase.

一路平安 may also be used with the verb 祝 (e.g. 祝她一路平安,祝大家一路平安). The verbs 祝愿 and 希望 may also be used in a similar manner.

Example Sentences

Have a pleasant journey!

As the train was setting off, he wished us a pleasant trip.

No matter where you go, I hope you have a safe journey.

References and Further Reading

1. 成语词典 (新世纪版2011修订), p. 813.
2. New Practical Chinese Reader (2003) Textbook 2, p. 208.

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